The target group for the programme is the elected officials, but KS recommends that the members of the control committees and administrative management also attend. The programme aims to strengthen the motivation, understanding of roles, and confidence of the elected officials –in order to solve challenges and create opportunities in their respective local government.

The program is divided into two parts.

Basic program

The first part - the basic program - is implemented as early as possible after each election, and runs over two days. The theme of these first two days is first and foremost to make the elected representatives feel confident in their role. The main focus is on how the role can be exercised, and how to get the best possible interaction between the elected representatives, the administration, and the citizens. There is also room within the program to customize it locally where desired. To lead the gatherings, KS engages process supervisors who have much knowledge and experience from the local government sector, and with special emphasis on knowledge of being elected. Each local government chooses which process supervisor they prefer.

Tailor-made days


Part two of the programme is a more tailor-made arrangement. A general programme day may well be a full day, but it can also be a shorter gathering before an already scheduled government meeting. In this arrangement, the local governments can define what they want to work on, and KS adapts both the program and the choice of process supervisors accordingly. Examples of topics may be the role of the employer, finances or ethics. Often there is a need to highlight a theme from the basic programme again. Roles and understanding roles are one of the most common themes.


The programme is offered to all local governments within KS’ membership quota. This means that local governments pay for travel, subsistence expenses, and so on. Fees for process supervisors and materials are covered by KS.