The scheme also includes collaboration agreements, cost calculations and law investigations- and influence. 

The consultation scheme between the government and KS is a formalised arena for dialogue and collaboration on frameworks and goal achievement for the local government sector. The meetings involve stakeholders from top political levels from both parties.

The purpose of the scheme

  • A common understanding between the central- and the local government sector on tasks that can be carried out within a given framework of resources.
  • Prioritisation of local government resources can help reduce central governance through regulations and earmarking.
  • Increased local freedom in task solving can provide more efficient use of resources, and strengthen local democracy.
  • More stable and predictable framework for the local government sector.
  • Better information base for the central government and the parliament's creation of national governance of the local government sector.
  • Transparency in that methodology and calculations are understandable, consistent and verifiable.

There are three meeting points annually. First, a consultation meeting is held ahead of the central government's budget conference. The meeting is between the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, the Ministry of Finance and KS.  The main theme is the framework for next year's local government scheme. Secondly, there is a consultation meeting between KS and all relevant ministries prior to the revised national budget. Finally, in autumn, there are bilateral meetings with the various ministries.