The project is a collaboration between Bergen municipality and KS (Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities) and aims to coordinate the work with privacy and information security in schools, as well as give the municipalities a better starting point for negotiating with Google as a supplier. You can read more about the project here.

Part of the communication strategy for the project is to regularly update the municipalities and other interested parties on the progress of the work.

Creating a new framework

The completed national DPIA will be relevant both for those municipalities that use Google Workspace for Education, but also for those municipalities that use other, large cloud providers. The results from the national DPIA can form a useful framework for how the municipalities can ensure that they fulfill their responsibility to protect the personal data of citizens, when working with large cloud providers.

The plan is that the privacy impact assessment (DPIA) will be completed in an 80 per cent completed version. As many parts of such an assessment will be the same for all municipalities that use Google services in schools.

However, the municipalities must do some work themselves. Approximately 20 percent of the work will remain which the municipality must complete itself.

It is important to point out that the municipality is responsible for processing personal data according to data protection legislation, and that ultimately it is the municipality that must own its own data protection impact assessment.

It is therefore important to provide regular information about the project's progress, so that the municipalities can follow developments and prepare to complete their own privacy impact assessment.

- We want you, for whom ever this is relevant, to be involved in the work along the way. Our goal is also to share relevant issues with you on an ongoing basis, and to allow you to provide your input. One way of making this possible is by sending out an information letter which recipients can respond to, says Ida Thorsrud, project manager for the national DPIA of Google Workspace for Education.

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Translation by Rebecca Røilid Knudsen