Asker municipality

“New” Asker is a new municipality in 2020, following a merger between Hurum, Røyken and Asker municipalities. They use the SDGs as an overall and integral framework for the new large municipality.

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Viken county

The SDGs as a tool to implement territorial reforms in Viken, Norway as participant in the OECD project “A Territorial Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals”.

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Kristiansund municipality

Based on the 2030 Agenda, the local authority crafted a set of 12 tailormade local goals to be attained by 2030. The 12 local goals and corresponding indicators are built into Kristiansund’s operations management system

UN Charter Centre of Excellence in Trondheim

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Norwegian City of Trondheim have established a Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence to advance sustainable housing as a foundation for urban development. This is the fifth Centre to be created by UNECE.

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Network of Excellence

The municipalities of Trondheim, Bærum, Asker, Rana, Stavanger and Ålesund, and the region of Møre og Romsdal, have toghether with U4SSC, KS, Innovation Norway and DOGA formed a network to join their forces in localizing the SDGs, demonstrate local adaption and accelerate impact by linking local action to regional, national and international partners for knowledge sharing and funding. The network is expanding rapidly and is closely connected to the ongoing work in the U4SSC Implementation Programme.

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Ålesund Municipality – U4SSC KPI set

Ålesund Municipality is the first city in Norway to use the KPI set and analyses developed by U4SSC. Using the measuring tool, a team of international and local experts have collected data – KPIs, to develop the smart city profile – an analysis of the region’s standing linked to the use of smart technologies and sustainability.

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Ålesund Municipality (Futurelab- U4SSC IP)

Ålesund Futurelab - U4SSC ip (United for Smart and Sustainable Cities implementation program) is part of the UN’s implementation program for smart and sustainable societies. The lab is situated on the university Campus NTNU in Ålesund. The Futurelab is organized as a partnership of participants from public sectors, academia, industry and commerce who want to accelerate sustainable development. Based on the UN’s sustainability measurement, the lab and the partners will point out contributing priority areas and projects. Through the membership in U4SSC ip, Ålesund’s Futurelab takes part in a global network where cities in the world exchange their knowledge and strengths to find sustainable and smart solutions.

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Nordregio is a research centre for regional development and planning, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. A report from 2019: Global goals for local priorities: The 2030 Agenda at local level, identifies 27 Nordic local authorities, among them 8 Norwegian, that are “first movers” in working with the 2030 Agenda and describes their priorities and activities. It also highlights challenges and success factors in working with the SDGs.

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