The aim was to gain insight into the use of Google Workspace for Education and what privacy assessments the municipalities have made before implementing the solution.

The national DPIA project has recently carried out a survey to survey the number of municipalities that use Google Workspace for Education and what privacy assessments they have made of the solution before they put it into use. You can download the results from the survey at the end of this article.

- The survey shows that things are somewhat better than expected. Many of the municipalities can point to compliance activities for the use of Google services. For example, that the treatment is included in the municipality's processing protocol. We think it is interesting that there are more people who have done a general risk assessment than a DPIA, says Ida Thorsrud, project manager for the national privacy impact assessment of Google Workspace for Education.

- Nevertheless, there are 12 out of 28 municipalities that have not carried out a DPIA of Google Workspace for Education, and which still use the solution. It gives us an indication that it can be difficult to perform a DPIA on these types of services.

However, we do not know anything about the content of the assessments. The fact that several people use the Google Workspace for Education without having done a DPIA may indicate that there is a need for the national DPIA project that we have started, she concludes.

Download the results of the survey (pdf)

Translation by Rebecca Røilid Knudsen